mercoledì 9 aprile 2014

# 1

Look on the left 

Hair: truth hair cassandra gingers
Complete outfit: voxxi [demi] complete biker outfit
Shape: sweets! Mina shape
Skins: [hush] x3 Holiday skin blonde
Underpants: [sassy Kitty Designs] valentin slide panties :O

Look on the right 

hair: Magnoria-II [Sadistic Hacke]

shirt: [I][I] Hooded T-Shirt [Infinity Insanity Moments]
pants: BLK2.0 2Low_Baggy-STD
underpants:  BLK2.0 2Low_Underpant
belt:  BLK2.0 2Low-Belt
chain: 2LOW-CHAIN Male BLK2.0

shoes: Vintage_Vector BLK2.0

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